Family Story


Does this sound like your family? Just like mine then.

Childhood years are precious. Before you realize it, the children have moved out, the dog has gone grey and your husband has gone bald. (That is a description of my family – fear not – not all of those will necessarily apply to you.) From personal experience I know just how much you will cherish beautiful photos of your family when this time comes. A professional photo shoot beautifully documents the precious moments in time for you while you relax and just enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

Photos have the ability to take you back to a moment in time. You remember the fun and hear the laughter. You feel the love again. And most of the time they just make you smile. 


I believe a professional photo shoot should be an enjoyable experience. It is your moment where family memories are made. A relaxed and fun time just makes for the most natural photos.

Before the photo shoot we will have a chat. This allows me to find out what you are looking for and to get to know you. We can discuss anything from whether a studio or outdoors shoot is best suited to bring your vision to life to finding a location for your photo shoot and what clothes to wear.

If there is anything in particular that you would like in the photo, for example the favourite cuddly toy or the first bicycle, just let me know and bring it to the photo shoot. Every photo shoot is taylor made to you and your family.

A few days after the photo shoot I will meet you for your personal viewing event where you can decide on your final choice of package and your favourite photos to print.

I am, of course, more than happy to include your pets in your photo shoot or why not treat your pets to their very own photo session. They are after all part of our families and form a big part of our childhood memories. In fact, I do not have many memories of my own childhood that do not include animals.


Location Portraits
Studio Portraits
Pet Portraits

What I do:

  • offer my advice on whether a studio or outdoor environment is best suitable for your photo shoot
  • capture the bond that you have with each other in a natural and classic style
  • help you relax in front of the camera to achieve natural looking photos bring my extensive photographic expertise
  • bring my understanding of how to achieve natural photos
  • an eye for detail and an instinct for the extraordinary
  • visit any outdoor locations before the photo shoot
  • provide you with fully edited high resolution memories that you will love
  • provide you with a choice of media to receive your memories in (prints, wall art, electronic files)
  • provide you with an online gallery to share with family and friends and order photos in a wide selection of formats and sizes
  • help you choose the best products to meet your vision so they will adorn your homes for decades to come

What you do:

  • Book your photo session
  • Enjoy the time with your family
  • Relax and have fun
  • Result:

  • Beautiful, natural images which you will enjoy and cherish forever