Location Portraits


Well, anywhere that we can walk, drive or fly to.
Sometimes there are places so special to us that they have the ability to emphasise and enrich our memories.

A location photo shoot is the perfect way to create a record not only of your family, but also of your memorable place. Not only will the photos remind you for decades to come of a moment in time when the children were still young, they will also remind you of the fun times or the significant event that happened at your chosen location, for example your son learning to ride his bike.

Location portraits can also be taken inside. This can be a venue of your choice or your home. After all there is nothing more personal than the home we grew up in.
I will always visit your chosen location before the photo shoot to make sure it is suitable to bring your vision to life.

If you simply prefer to have your photo taken in nature rather than in a studio, but you do not have a location in mind yet, I can help you with some suggestions of beautiful places I have photographed at in the past.

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