Animal Family


How many childhood memories do you have that don’t have a pet in it? My pet-free memories are almost all of school. Pets just become part of our lives and of our families. We remember them forever and cannot imagine why anyone would live without pets.

We can include your furry or feathery family members into your family photo shoot. Or you can treat your four legged / winged superstar to their very own photo shoot. You know they deserve a treat! It will also provide a beautiful memento for you to cherish in years to come.

I have many years experience photographing dogs and horses, and love meeting new species. Adding to my photographic menagerie has almost become a hobby of mine. My most interesting encounters included chickens trying to operate my camera, degus trying to climb onto my camera, a hawk trying her best to ignore me, cats having better things to do and goldfish wondering whether it is safe to surface.

I aim to make my photo sessions a fun and relaxed experience for humans and non-humans.

Different pets have different requirements and I always introduce myself to all my non-human clients in a pre-photo-session meeting. Most are happy to meet me, some need a bit of time to check out the new human and her clicking box. Sometimes it is me who has to learn about a species entirely new to me. Speaking of learning: Do cats always have better things to do than what their human wants?

If you would like to include your pet in your family photo shoot, or would like a VIPet photo shoot for your animal friend, please give me a call and let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to live and how to get your pet to enjoy their photo shoot, too.

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